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Subject: Extension of the deadline for submitting the Quotation for construction of EPB’s stand at Köln International Fair – ANUGA 2023: International Food Industry Trade Fair (October 07–11, 2023)

COM-22/17/373                     18.08.2023

Subject: Extension of the deadline for submitting the Quotation for construction of EPB’s stand at Köln International Fair – ANUGA 2023: International Food Industry Trade Fair (October 07–11, 2023)

Dear Madam/Sir,

Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) will participate in the forthcoming International Fair - ANUGA -2023 (October 07–11, 2023). A space of 62 sqm (8.00 m x 7.75 m) with 3 open sides at stand 019 in Hall BOULEVARD in Köln Fairground (stand plan enclosed) has been allotted for EPB’s joint stand.

Quotation for construction of the stand and supply of fixtures and furniture along with a design of the stand are invited which should reach Bangladesh Embassy, Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 111, D-10553 Berlin on or before 28 August 2023 in a sealed envelope with the subject: Quotation for ANUGA Fair-2023 or via e-mail, following the conditions below:

i) 10 booths shall be accommodated in the stand (09 for the participants and one for the EPB). The partition walls between the two booths should be about 1.80m high.

ii) Each booth shall be provided with 1 round table, 3 chairs, 6 open shelves, some hooks, 1 waste paper bin, floor covering, required graphics, electricity (including multiplug), and sufficient lighting for each booth. EBP booth should have a television.

iii) Design of the Bangladesh pavilion should highlight the colors of Bangladesh’s national flag. However, the carpet would be any suitable color other than red and green.

iv) The stand may also be provided with interior decoration.

v) The stand should be provided with storage space (Accessible from the EPB booth). The store space be provided with a door with a lock, a few shelves, a water kettle, a coffee machine, a fridge, a microwave oven, and coat hooks/stand.

vi) There would be a maximum of 09 names of participants and 1 lettering-Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) and 3 boards with the letter- BANGLADESH to be placed on three sides, which will be clearly visible from a distance.

vii) The price of construction of the stand and supply of fixtures and furniture shall be quoted in terms of EURO/Square meter stating as well as the total price for the offer without VAT.

viii) The stand should be ready for handing over on sight to the Minister (Commercial), Bangladesh Embassy Berlin, on 06 October 2023, the days before the fair starts, in the forenoon.

ix) The Embassy reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations without assigning any reason whatsoever.

x) All payments will be made on receipt of invoices by bank transfer after the handing over of the stall to the Minister (Commercial), Bangladesh Embassy Berlinp.

Encl: As stated                                        Yours Sincerely,


                    Minister (Commercial)

                                                                                                                                                                                                             E-mail: berlin.cc@mincom.gov.bd