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E-passport for a child (below 6 years of age)
  • Requirements for E-passport for a child (below 6 years of age):

    Children (below 6 years of age) of any Bangladeshi parents (either father or mother) residing in Germany, or Czech Republic, or Kosovo are eligible to apply for an E-passport. The following documents are required to send to the Embassy of Bangladesh in Berlin either by registered post or in person to start the E-Passport application process for a child:

    1.  Printed copy of filled-in online application form (with bar code). To fill out the application, please visit: www.epassport.gov.bd
    2. 02 (two) copies recent 4R (12cm X 15cm) size photograph of the child (studio printed). Please keep a straight face/focus and a light background.
    3. 01 (one) set of photocopies of existing valid Machine Readable Passport (MRP) or E-Passport, [data page ONLY] of the Bangladeshi father or Bangladeshi mother of the child.
    4. Photocopy of the child’s Digital Birth Certificate (including a 17-digit number with a copy of online verification)
    5. Photocopy of Parent's Resident permit/Ausweis
    6. A copy of the proof of payments/ payment transaction receipt MUST BE Attached to the application form.
    7. All fees have to be paid through a Banking channel/Bank transfer to the Embassy account. Cash/personal cheque/Direct Deposit is NOT accepted. 
    8. The Embassy Bank Account details:
      Name of the Account: Embassy of Bangladesh
      Bank Name: Deutsche Bank
      Account No. : 233 27 73
      IBAN: DE 80 1007 0000 0233 2773 00 
      BIC (swift-code): DEUTDEBBXXX
    9. Self-addressed envelope with stamp (Please write your name and address to receive the delivery slip/ enrolment ID of your child's E-passport application)
      Important Note:
      Please send all documents to the Embassy by registered post or in person to complete the applicant's E-passport process. Applicants under 6 years old, do not require any online appointment at the Bangladesh Embassy in Berlin for biometric data (fingerprint, digital photo, digital signature).
      Each electronic passport is printed by DIP in Bangladesh and arrives at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Berlin from Dhaka. So, it requires usually 6-8 weeks (conditional) to receive an E-passport after successful biometric enrolment and data verification.
      Please note that the Embassy of Bangladesh in Berlin will not process any Hand Written Application for E-passport. 
      The Embassy of Bangladesh in Berlin is not in the capacity to provide any 'urgent' or ‘express’ service to the applicant.